Rules of the company.

Before starting cooperation and signing any documents on cooperation with the Company – study this necessarily, it is very important.
The fundamental principle of these Rules is the “right of choice”. Therefore, in the event that any conditions of these rules are not accepted, you have the right to refuse COOPERATION with the Company.
Company rules and terms of cooperation (hereinafter – the Rules)
1) Entry into force of these rules occurs at the time of expressing your acceptance of their terms. This acceptance takes place at the first stage of the relationship, and / or before using and providing any services for Norland Systems Corporation number 515355014, Bar Yehuda 43, Haifa, Israel 3262732 website address:, e-mail:, on the one hand, and any individuals and legal entities, entities of contractual relations – on the other hand (hereinafter referred to as you, Clients, Partners), together referred to as the Parties, accept these Terms and Conditions without objection. The official version of this Regulation is the Russian version.
2) Amendment of these Rules is the exclusive right of the Company, and the Company is not obliged to notify the Clients about changes in these Rules, and Clients in turn are obliged periodically (at least 1 (one) time in 3 (two) days), track any changes to the Company’s website and information posted on it. The rules and other documents that were posted on the website at the time of signing any documents are an up-to-date version for these Clients and will be used for cooperation relations between the Clients and the Company.
3) If the Customers do not agree with any terms and conditions of these Rules – they are obliged to stop using and providing the Company’s services by terminating the Agreement and sending a written notice to the Company’s official mail indicated on the website. Clients are obliged to refrain from signing the Contract and any other documents with the Company, and also not to use or provide services to it in case they do not agree with any provision of these Rules.

4) Annex to the Treaty – clarifying, interpreting part of the Treaty, in which the terms of the Treaty expand.
5) Only if the Client is endowed and has all the necessary rights – he can have a contractual relationship with the Company. The client is personally responsible for not disclosing any terms of cooperation with the Company to other third parties.
6) A company may, but is not obliged to own and own logos, names, unregistered trademarks, which can not be copied by third parties, imitated or fully or partially used, without the prior written permission of the Company sent from its official post, in the current legislation. Also, all page headings, special graphic symbols, other symbols are service marks, trademarks and branded individual product design of the company’s products, and can not be copied or otherwise used without the written consent and permission of the Company.
7) These Rules begin to operate from the moment of the beginning of the correspondence of the Clients with the Company via e-mail, through e-mail addresses, with the Company’s domain name indicated on the site, and from the moment of adopting the Company’s Rules, responding to her e-mails and / or signing any documents with the Company.
7.1) If the Company has any grounds to believe that the Customer has provided it with false, inaccurate information that is not in full compliance with the truth – the Company reserves the right, at its discretion, to unilaterally end all relationships with the Client, without any consequences for yourself.
8) The Company’s rights include the receipt and provision of any registration services that do not contradict the current legislation of its country, and initiate any modifications and the introduction of additional services that are or may be important for the proper and prompt execution of duties and enforcement of rights, and may also have value when fulfilling the conditions of these Rules.
9) The Company reserves the right to offer separate contractual relations, with certain aspects of the rules, duties and conditions. This may be applied in addition to these rules for the use of the Company’s services. In these relations, the Rules that govern these relations should not conflict with these Rules.
10) All customers and partners agree with the ranking of priority levels of Company documents: Rules, below – Appendix to the Contract, below – the Contract.

11) The Client, upon visiting the Company’s website, and having any contractual relationship with it, accepts and agrees to comply with these Rules. These rules describe the legal rights and obligations of the Parties. If the Client does not accept these rules or has not examined them, they should not use the services, cooperate with the Company and sign the Contract with it and continue to contact in another way.
In any cases of disagreement of the Client with any terms and conditions of these Rules – he can not and should not have any contractual relations and cooperate with the Company, and also has no right to sign the Contract.

12) Clients, in the course of interaction with the Company, are obliged not to impersonate other individuals or legal entities, not to provide unreliable and defamatory information, and not to allow any other actions that could adversely affect the Company’s reputation, and also comply with the confidentiality requirements for any obtained during the cooperation of information.
13) Clients of the Company understand, understand and accept that the Company is an intermediary consulting agent and may not be the ultimate purchaser of the Client’s goods on its own, but represents the connecting link between clients and third parties that it finds and derives its agreed profit from this.
13.1) The Company has the right, at its own discretion, to demand from 1 to 2% of the amount of contracts signed with the assistance and with the participation of the Company and / or its Agents from all parties to the contractual relationship. Customers are required to meet these requirements.

14) Clients can not use the Company’s services for any unlawful purposes, and agree to comply with all rules and regulations, their analogues, depending on the scope of the services, including copyright. Norms on the observance of copyright regulate the property and non-property rights and obligations arising in connection with the use and use of works of science that may arise in connection with the use of any fruits of intellectual property.
15) All liability and risks to third parties for their actions related to the use and provision of any services of the Company, if such actions could lead to violation of the rights and legitimate interests of third parties, as well as for compliance with the law when using the Services and services, is assigned to the Clients .
16) Prohibitions and restrictions for Clients apply to the transmission by any channels of communication of messages, other images, the content of which may be considered by the Company and its agents as offensive, and in other ways and methods, may discredit the Company and other persons, threaten and call for violence, commission of other unlawful actions. The Company reserves the right, in case of violation by the Customer of these conditions – to terminate any communication with the Customers, unilaterally.
17) The perception and use of the Company’s services and services is made by customers at their own risk. All services, Rules, Company documents are provided “as is”, with all the advantages and possible disadvantages. All responsibility for the negative consequences, including for the compliance of the services and services of the Company with the expectations, goals and desires of the Clients, as well as the likelihood of possible undesirable loss of anything in case of an undesirable combination of circumstances, lies with the Clients.
18) This version and the version of the Rules posted on the Company’s website is a public document that is available to all visitors to the site and other users of the Internet. When making changes to the current version of the Rules, to which the company permanently has the right, a message about this to users and customers occurs by placing the current version of the rules on the Company’s website, while other versions of the Rules may be stored in the Company’s archives.
19) Clients will bear personal responsibility for their actions, as well as any data and other information that will be used to obtain or provide services to the Company, as well as through other services of the Company.
20) Clients grant the Company the right to place on their behalf any advertisements, other information, during the provision of services. At the same time, the Company independently chooses and can change the way and methods of these actions, without agreement with the Clients. Granting this right does not provide for any forms of powers of attorney and their analogues, Clients understand this and agree with this.

21) Clients are prohibited from sending any communication channels information that causes concern to the Company and other persons, as well as violating the terms of the Rules, Annexes and Contracts in any way. Otherwise, the Company reserves the right to terminate the provision of all services to Clients without compensation.

22) These Rules do not contain contradictory clauses, in case of detection – their priority use and application – the Company designates.
23) The client clearly understands that using or providing the services and services of the Company, he is properly and properly informed of the Company’s activities (ie, the Clients have studied the Company’s statutory documents, familiarized themselves with the history of the Company’s establishment, studied all necessary information on the Internet “, Collected data on the company’s activities, including from official sources, for the past time, and other necessary information for themselves). In the event that the Customers did not or can not do so for any reason – they should not accept these Rules and have a relationship with it.
24) The company can not be responsible for any malfunctions of system elements, hosting, domains, which can appear for any reason.
25) Clients accept and agree that the Company may, but is not obligated to reserve the right to ignore any written requests, unless there is a Decision of the relevant judicial authority obligating the company to provide an answer, or the Company has committed an offense that is certified The decision of the relevant state body for the protection of the rights of individuals and legal entities.

26) Clients are not given the right to wrest certain phrases, proposals, any other quotations from the general context of these Rules and apply them for their own purposes. These Rules, the Appendix and the Contract can be perceived only by a single complex document.
27) With versions and revisions of these documents, which at the time of cooperation are not relevant – customers can read the Webcash “Google inc.”, And the reliability of these documents can guarantee the largest company Google.
When reviewing materials in any court – the Company reserves the right to use this information, and all Clients will recognize its authenticity and reliability, as well as the reliability of the above source of information.
28) All Clients are notified that the Company with its customers can cooperate and interact not directly, through intermediaries, agents and other third parties, in connection with which the Company warns and notifies – these conditions may lead to inaccuracies and misunderstanding, incorrect interpretation of goals and intentions Companies, as well as other errors in the activities of persons providing the company any assistant services. These Rules and terms of cooperation in the current version are provided by the Company on its official website, which is an announcement that these Rules have priority, the main importance in the activities of the Company and all its legal relationships aimed at cooperation with customers. These Rules can expand and clarify any aspects and aspects of interaction during the performance of contractual obligations (in written and oral form). Clients understand that this applies to all information received from the Company in any form.
29) Relations aimed at cooperation, contractual relations, mean a set of accepted conditions, namely the agreements on mutual rights and obligations accepted by the Parties, the mutual obligation (that is, these rights and duties themselves) based on the interests of the Parties, and the document in which indicates the rights and responsibilities.
In other cases, when any terms of interaction between the Parties are not taken into account in the Agreement, the Agreement, the Contract between the parties (hereinafter referred to as the Agreement), and the Annex to the Contract, or are contrary to these Rules, the conditions of these Rules will be binding for the Parties and have the highest priority.
30) In the event that at any stage the Parties refused to cooperate, this means that they do not state any material or other claims, nor will they in the future claim any kind of compensation.
31) Clients, express their consent, when visiting the Company’s website and signing any documents with the Company, with all the conditions of these Rules, and also undertake the obligation to comply with them, without violating the conditions set forth therein. The company can use any terms and concepts in its formulations and meanings.
32) In the event that you provide or receive any services of the Company and payment for these services is provided for in the Contract, then it must be strictly and only in accordance with the Agreement, and the Client, in the event of disagreement with these provisions, should terminate cooperation with the Company. Clients recognize that payment is fair and reasonable.
33) The term “Services”, as agreed by the Parties, means: the acquisition or sale of any goods, works and services by the Company, the provision of intermediary services, the provision of consulting services, and assistant services. Clients understand and accept that this interpretation is not generally accepted, but this does not affect the decision of the Parties to provide and receive services.

34) The resolution of the disputed issues of the Company’s Clients with third parties concerns only third parties and Clients, and occurs at the risk and risk of Clients and third parties.
35) The grounds for termination of cooperation between the Parties and termination of the Agreement – may be the violation by the Customers of the Rules and other conditions for the provision of services to the Company, based on the unilateral decision of the Company. Clients accepted and agreed that the Company can not and is not obliged to bear any responsibility for any information and information received from the Clients in the course of cooperation. Customers use the services and services of the company at their own peril and risk.
In the event that Clients expose the Company or its reputation to any risk, or it may be possible to prosecute the Company – the Company reserves the right to terminate partially or completely the provision of services and services, and the Clients undertake to refrain from any Claims.
36) Clients understand and understand that the Company is foreign and operates on the international market in various jurisdictions, and therefore the Company can not and is not obliged to perform timely monitoring and verification of the requirements for changes in the current local (local) legislation of the country of the Client. In this regard, Clients and other persons, before signing the Agreement with the Company and the adoption of these Rules in their country and / or jurisdiction – are obliged to timely verify compliance of all Company documents and these Rules with the requirements of their legislation, and conduct legal expertise or its analogue , on the subject of legality and compliance with all local (local) legislation. The Clients should conduct these checks and examinations with the involvement of third parties, specialists in this field, for compliance with the terms of the deal with the Company with the requirements of local legislation. Clients confirm that before signing the Treaty and / or accepting these Rules – they have all the possibilities for this.
37) Clients, if found that the terms of the Agreement and these Rules do not comply with the requirements of local law, should refrain from signing the Agreement with the Company and not use its services. Clients, when signing a contract with the Company – confirm that the Agreement, Rules, as well as all other documents of the Company used within the framework of cooperation, are legal, necessary and consistent with the purposes and intentions of the Clients. Clients have all the opportunities to attract legal professionals and contractual relationships to assess and understand these documents, and are aware of the need for this.
38) The Parties understand and agree that all negotiations that are conducted on behalf of the Company can be recorded on the Company’s servers, as well as all information received from the Company’s Clients (oral and written, on any media, obtained by any lawful means), may be is used at the discretion of the Company without agreement with the Customers.
Also, Clients grant the right of the Company to use their logos, statutory documents, any other property protected by copyright. Also, the Company has the right to create sites in the interests of the Customers, to buy domains, hosting, create emails and correspond with potential Partners, if necessary.
39) All customers recognize and understand that the Company can have and use unregistered trademarks, brands and domains. Notification of Clients about this occurs by signing the Company’s documents on its behalf and posting relevant information on the Company’s website.
40) The Company and Clients, using the term “sale”, “distribution”, perceive them as a set of active and passive measures, at their discretion, associated with the promotion of the goods in the specified market chosen for interaction.
41) If the new version of the Rules comes into force, which will be published on the site – you are considered notified of these changes and are familiar with the current version of the Rules, and in the event of disagreement and no acceptance for all reasons of all these documents for the complex or some of their provisions – must cease cooperation with the Company. If the Client, within 5 (five) days after the publication of these changes, continues to conduct negotiations, correspondence with the Company, uses any services of the Company – he agrees with all changes to the Rules and other documents.
42) The Company reserves all rights to assign rights and obligations under all the Agreements at its discretion to third parties. Clients understand that in the event of such assignment, the obligation to fulfill the terms of the contract will be solely on the data of third parties.

43) The Company reserves the right, and all Clients and partners agree that it can terminate and suspend the operation of any services and services, and restrict or prohibit access to services and services for any reason, without prior notice to the Customers, without any liability to third parties. The exception will be cases where the Company’s services are chargeable and the Customer has not received the Company’s paid service.

44) The Company, when placing these Rules, notifies the Clients that it can provide services for the search for foreign producers of products, distributors, as well as any other interested persons, and reserves the right to sign any number of contracts, to any amount. Also, the Company notifies all customers that it personally has no intentions and means to purchase the products specified in the Contract, but has the intention to assign the Contracts concluded by it to third parties for the percentage established by the Company. All Clients understand and accept that this type of Contract may not be performed by the Company for various objective and subjective reasons, without any consequences for the Company.
45) Correspondence with the Company always means that the Clients accept the Company Rules. In this case, the Company may notify its Clients in each of its letters by means of a signature in each letter.
46) You acknowledge and understand that the Company, by providing services, is entitled to enter into an unlimited number of contracts for any amounts. At the same time, the Company’s Clients realize that the Company does not directly have a purpose and means to buy anything directly, but there is a desire to offer (transfer) in a different form the data of its contracts to third parties for the percentage established by the Company.
47) The use of the Company’s services and services by the Customer must occur at their own peril and risk. At the same time, the Client may be charged with the entire burden of expenses that may arise as a result of the provision of the use of the services, including in the case of third party involvement on the initiative and / or recommendation of the Company.
48) In case of signing the Agreement on granting exclusive rights – Clients are notified properly that they will not declare and imputed to the Company the necessity to purchase any products and other goods.
49) Clients are duly notified that all services listed on the Company’s website can be provided to it either personally or indirectly, that is, with the help of third parties. At the same time, the Company may charge for its services a pre-agreed interest for mediation.
50) Clients bear full personal responsibility and risks in cooperation with third parties, both personally and through intermediaries. A company may, but does not have to notify, that it can not and does not have to be responsible for the behavior of any user of its services.
The company may, but is not obligated, at its discretion to track disputes between customers and other users of its services, as well as to interfere with them.
51) Clients and other persons using the services of the Company are liable to make balanced, objective decisions, relying on their life experience, reason, logic and common sense.
52) The Company has the right, in the course of cooperation, to negotiate on behalf of the Customers on behalf of them with any third parties, in order to fulfill the terms of the Contract. Customers agree that the use of this right remains with the Company.
53) A company may be exempt from the performance of any contractual obligations, in the event of a violation by the Clients or failure to comply with them in the specified period of any provision of these Rules, at its discretion by making a decision on the return or refund of the paid amounts by the Clients. In this case, Clients who violated the terms of the Contract – are obliged not to make any claims to the Company.

54) The Client is responsible for studying, understanding and accepting all the information stated in the Rules. If the Company’s Customers do not have such an opportunity, they should not use or provide services to the Company, and also sign the Agreement. Clients, after signing the contract with the Company, confirm that they have completely checked all the oral and written information about the Company, and it suits them.
55) Clients confirm that all documents of the Company accepted by them and / or signed by them are made according to all their purposes, intentions and desires, and from the moment of signing the Agreement – Clients confirm that they have no additions to the contents of these documents. All the above documents and other information are clear to the Clients, and do not require additional knowledge and interpretations, explanations, other specific tools for understanding their essence that are not available to Clients

56) All Clients do not object and allow the Company to make minor stylistic and grammatical errors and inaccuracies on the Company’s website and in these Rules, as the Company is foreign.

57) All Clients understand and understand and are informed in a manner that the Agreement (intermediary and exclusive rights agreements) may not be performed by the Company for any objective and subjective reasons (approximate reasons: change in the price of oil, change in the exchange rate, change favorable economic climate and so on). By signing the Agreement with the Company and accepting these Rules – Clients understand and take full advantage of all these risks and conditions, and also realize the need to bear the associated costs. The company will implement a set of measures to fulfill the terms of the contract.
58) Clients are required to familiarize themselves with the current version of the Rules before using the Company’s services. The Company reserves the right to specify any date of entry into force of amendments to the Rules. From now on, all Clients agree that the Rules are applicable to all used services of the Company. The parties agree in resolving disputes – to be guided by the requirements of these rules.
59) Clients are required to provide the Company with the right, upon request, for any materials provided during the use of the services. The Clients also provide the Company with an exclusive, fully paid right to use the materials provided by the Clients in all countries. Customers voluntarily transfer all rights to the information provided to the Company, and thereby giving permission for the use of this information without agreement with anyone.
60) Clients are prohibited from any change and interpretation at their discretion of the service and the Company’s Rules, in any way, distorting their essence, principles and functions.
61) Clients are obliged to comply with confidentiality requirements for information obtained during cooperation with the Company, as well as not to disclose the terms of the Agreement, rules, correspondence, any other information to third parties not involved in the processes specified in the Contract. In case of violation by the Customers of these requirements and conditions – the Company reserves the right to terminate its cooperation with the Client, and the Client releases the Company from any financial obligations, including financial ones.
62) All clients, prior to signing the Agreement with the Company, or accepting the Company Rules – are required to familiarize, study, understand and accept these Rules located on the Company’s website. The address of the company’s website is indicated in the details of the Agreement or in the Company’s e-mail. Otherwise, you are not obliged to sign the Contract, and also must suspend the use of the Company’s services.
63) The Company has the right and the right, but is not obligated, in case of restructuring, to transfer all of its rights and obligations to any third parties, while the Company is relieved of responsibility for fulfilling obligations to the Client. All risks are assigned to Clients and third parties.
64) The Parties agree that the Company may, at its discretion, change the list of services provided at its discretion at any time, this condition is fair for Clients.

65) The Parties acknowledge that one of the main conditions of these rules is the “right of choice”. Therefore, in the event that the terms of cooperation or the terms of the Agreement are not accepted with the Company – Clients may not sign the Agreement with the Company and use its services.
66) By signing by the Clients of the Agreement with the Company – they acknowledge the importance for them of each point of these rules, the Agreement and the Appendix to the Contract. At the same time, these documents are accepted “as is”, with all positive, negative conditions and possible inaccuracies.

67) The Parties are notified that the place of signing the Agreement is the place of registration of the Company. The Company has the right to conduct any activity under the Agreements signed before its signing and payment (in the event that the provision of services is chargeable), based on preliminary agreements with the Clients and the need to comply with the terms of these rules.

68) Clients accept the provision that they confirm and guarantee that they have full authority to accept these rules, the Agreement and its Appendix relating to you within the jurisdiction of the Clients.
69) The reasons for the suspension of services, in addition to the will of the Company, may be planned maintenance, the updating of certain elements of the system, repairs or malfunctions in the operation of telecommunications systems or other equipment, but the Company will try to provide its services anyway. The company at any time may be from providing services without explaining the reasons (except for cases for which the Company received an advance payment to its accounts)

70) Clients confirm that when visiting the Company’s website and signing the Agreement – that all the conditions set forth in them are made with due consideration for all necessary requirements, and also taking into account all wishes and interests.

71) Clients of the Company are obliged to voluntarily accept and assume all the work connected with the legal assessment of the Rules and other conditions of cooperation in the country of signing the Treaty. If the Clients identify any contradictions between the provisions of the rules and the legislation in the country where the Agreement is signed – Clients should not use the services of the Company. The obligation to identify contradictions is entirely the responsibility of the client. In case of detection of important insurmountable contradictions, Clients should not cooperate with the Company

72) For the present rules, the Russian language is the main and priority version and You can read russian version by using this link. All other additional versions and translations of the information provided in another language are purely informative. The client should not rely on translating information provided on the site to any language other than Russian, so the versions in other languages ​​are posted on the website for informational purposes only and this translation may be inaccurate and contain other errors due to the translation, not to be identical to the original in Russian, or do not have up-to-date additions and updates to these Rules. The Client is obliged independently and / or with the involvement of any qualified third parties – to translate all information from the Company’s website at his own expense.
All responsibility for the correctness of the perception of the translation and its correspondence to the original in Russian is assigned to the Client.
73) The Company reserves the right and the right to remain idle in case of violation by the Clients of the terms and conditions of these rules – but this does not deprive the Company of the rights and opportunities to protect its interests later, at other times at the discretion of the Company. Also, failure to act in this situation – can not mean and equate to the Company’s refusal of its rights in the event of violations by the Customers.
74) The Rules placed on the site – without any objections and reservations, extend to all oral, written and any other agreements transmitted by third parties, and to all other information obtained as a result of interaction with the Company. All provisions of these Rules are transparent, absolutely accessible and verified for the clients by the information obtained as a result of interaction with the Company.

75) Clients recognize that the Contracts signed by the Company or its authorized representatives contain the provision that all Company Contracts, Rules and Appendices are a single set of documents that can only be perceived as a single whole. The parties are obliged to read, understand and accept all information about the Company, and to perceive them only as a single whole.
76) The Client is obliged, at the request of the Company, to provide an extract of the status of her bank account, for the last year, with the stamp and signature of the bank, in order to verify that the Customer is solvent. The term for submitting this document is no more than 1 (one) month from the date the Customer receives such a request by the Company.
At the same time, the Customer must have at least 150% (one hundred and fifty percent) on his accounts, regardless of who is the payer for it. If the client refuses to provide these documents and information – this is considered a gross violation of the Rules.
77) The Company, after the adoption of these Rules by the Customer, has the opportunity and the right to initiate any activity and activity not prohibited by the legislation of its country. This activity will be aimed at the quality provision of the agreed services in full.
The Company does not accept or sign contracts that are not subject to the conditions of these Rules. All the activities of the company are subject to the provisions of these rules.
78) Agents may act on the basis of oral agreements, as well as Service Agreements with the Company, Contracts of third parties with the Company, as well as these Rules, which, in the opinion of the Company’s Agents, are lawful and fully meet and correspond to their tasks, intentions and goals.
79) Agreements with the Company may be extended by mutual agreement of both Parties, in case the Client needs additional time to receive the necessary services of the Company. In this case, Clients are obliged to pay additional services in addition.
80) The company can not be held responsible for the fulfillment of obligations with respect to the confidentiality of any materials and no responsibility for the materials of the Clients.

81) This Agreement and the Appendix, as well as the Rules – contain a list and conditions for the provision of services to the Company. All the clients of the company – confirm that before the signing of the Treaty they were not pressured, incorrectly manipulative technologies were used, no threats were received, other kinds of unfair influence and misleading.
All Clients were given sufficient time for independent, and / or with the involvement of third parties, to study all conditions for cooperation, verification and evaluation of all terms of cooperation and other information about the Company. If the Customer does not agree with this statement – he should not sign the Agreement with the Company.

82) Contracts concluded with customers do not provide for the Act of Completed Work.
83) The company does not accept any ideas or other materials that have not been requested, and can not be held liable for such materials. No payments are made to customers for this information.

84) A company may, but is not obliged to, remove any materials related to the provision of services, for any reason, without prior notice to customers, and may also store remote materials in order to comply with the rights and obligations of the Company.

83) The company does not accept any ideas or other materials that have not been requested, and can not be held liable for such materials. No payments are made to customers for this information.

85) Clients are obliged to perceive all services and services of the Company “as is”, “in the form in which they are available, with all the advantages and disadvantages” including all materials and other information received during cooperation with the Company.
86) The Company, after revealing the facts directly or indirectly indicating that the Customers have violated its rights and / or the rights of any other third parties – may, but is not obligated, to block the provision of services if it deems this an actual response to these actions.
87) The Company reserves the right to engage any individuals and legal entities to perform the obligations specified in the Agreement, including any financial transactions of their choice.
88) The Company has the right to determine, in the event that any violations of the provisions of these rules are revealed by it or any third parties, and after the unilateral determination to refuse to provide services. The order of realization of this right is determined at the discretion of the company.
89) A company may, but is not required to have employees – a director and an accountant. All other individuals and legal entities interact with the Company only to comply with the terms of the Company’s Agreements on the basis of “service agreements” and may not be employees of the Company directly.
90) All official statements and guarantees, representations must be indicated in the Contract, these Rules or the Annex to the contract, if they are not specified in them, it is recognized as not essential for the parties and has no legal force.
91) In some cases, if one or several provisions of these Rules, Appendices and Contracts can be recognized by the competent judicial authority as invalid, this does not entail the invalidity of the entire set of documents as a whole.
92) The Company, its employees and other persons providing assistance services do not have the right and do not make any official statements providing official guarantees and other confirmations regarding any terms of cooperation not specified in the contract or the current rules.
93) The Company can not and is not obliged to be responsible for any guarantees and absence of errors in the course of the provision of services, as well as the absence of errors and inaccuracies.
Clients agree that they release the Company from liability for the legality of the provision of its services in the country of the Client, the Company, and the jurisdiction of the Agreement, and do not fully object to the Company’s waiver of such guarantees.
94) In cases where individual jurisdictions do not allow the waiver of indirect or personal guarantees, therefore the above refusal may not apply to Clients to the extent specified in local legislation.

95) Clients are obliged, upon revealing of contradictions and discrepancy of the Rules and content of the site to the legislation of their jurisdiction – are obliged to immediately inform about it to the e-mail indicated on the Company’s website.
For its part, the Company may, but is not obligated, to correct the discrepancy, and / or suspend the provision of services.
96) Clients of the company agree that all information on the site, including phone numbers, e-mail addresses of the Company may change without prior notice. In turn, the Company may, but is not obliged, not to change its legal address, as well as all such changes – to notify the Clients by posting current information on the website, for continuing cooperation.
97) Clients of the company – can not and do not have the right to prohibit or restrict the use of any materials owned and operated by the Company.
98) The company may grant access and permission to familiarize with these materials only if there is a relevant court decision in its jurisdiction. In turn, Clients understand and realize that the Internet network may be subject to security breaches, and downloading materials may be unsafe.

99) Clients understand and accept that the Company’s website may be blocked by any competent authorities, owners of resources on the Internet, which are not subject to the Company and may act against the will of the Company. In this regard, Clients of the Company are obliged to print the current version of the Rules on paper before signing the Contract with the Company, and store them together with the Contract.
100) Any agents of the Company and other persons providing the Company with any assistant and financial services (hereinafter referred to as Agents) are not beneficiaries of the Company’s activities and can not and should not have all the complex information about the Company, its actions, intentions and tasks, and also marketing strategies and plans.
101) Clients of the company clearly understand, understand and agree that they fully refuse the advantages provided by local legislation on the protection of consumer rights or their analogues, depending on the country.
102) The jurisdiction of these legal relations with the Company is Switzerland, and all disputable issues must be resolved by the parties through negotiations, and in case of failure to reach agreements through negotiations – in the Swiss court. Clients of the company are obliged to study the legislation of this country and to attract a specialist competent in this field before signing the contract with the company. Otherwise, the Client of the company is obliged not to sign the Contract and use the services of the Company.
103) Clients, after signing the Contract, confirm that they have no additions, comments and agree with the terms of cooperation, understood their essence and significance of all provisions of these Rules.
104) Clients, before signing the Agreement with the Company – are required to study the legislation of the country of registration of the Company, and in case of impossibility to do so for any reasons – Clients should not use the Company’s services.
105) For customers who intend to sign with the Company the Agreement “on granting exclusive distribution rights” – the Appendix is ​​here, is an integral part of the Agreement.

106) Clients understand and understand that the possible consequence of obtaining and providing services to the Company may not be to obtain the full results of cooperation, and the risk for these circumstances rests with the Clients.
107) Clients accept the provision that all oral and written agreements between them and the Company, upon signing the contract and Acceptance of these Rules, lose their validity and are considered insignificant for the Parties and not relevant for rendering and receiving services to the Company.
108) Clients accept this version of all documents regulating cooperation, and confirm that in these Rules, the Treaty and the Annex thereto, there are no unclear provisions and ambiguous interpretations. The parties have no claims to stylistics and any methods of cooperation.
109) The Client, when using the services of the Company, agrees to protect, at the Company’s request, compensation for damages and take all other measures aimed at protecting the interests of the Company, and to reimburse the costs of legal protection.
Customers agree to cooperate at the appropriate level required by the Company, in protection against any third party claims. The Company reserves the right to perform exclusive protection and control of any situation requiring compensation from you, and the Customers undertake under no circumstances to make any claims without the prior written consent of the Company.

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